Network Cabling Irvine

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

fiber-optic-cabling-installationWhen an old Irvine building is purchased for use as a business location, one of the most important renovation projects is to replace the old communication wiring. If the building originally housed a business that was not an office, there might not be any data cabling at all. The best approach to this situation is to install an Irvine fiber optic cabling system. The advantages to upgrading a system to Irvine fiber optics are numerous, including:

  • Lower cost – Initial installation and maintenance costs are lower than copper because the cost of materials is lower. Additional voice and data capacity can be added more easily to an Irvine fiber cabling network.
  • Space-friendly – Simple fiber optic networks are able to replace cumbersome copper networks since each fiber takes up less space. Irvine fiber optic cabling is made up of tiny hair-like fibers that can be placed in false walls and ceilings of existing buildings. Instead of large cabling channels and rooms, the fiber optics takes up very little room.
  • Large capacity – The latest computer and phone equipment is capable of extensive communications, and the Irvine fiber optic cabling matches that capacity. New equipment will not require upgrades to the fiber optic network since the existing capacity exists to support the demands of voice and data transmission.
  • Less interference – Electronic equipment, radio waves and other static-generating interference does not impact the performance of the Irvine fiber cabling. Light transmission on the Irvine fiber optics is not impacted by electrical signals that exist in the building or in the surrounding area.

Irvine business owners have discovered the advantages of investing in fiber optic technology for their voice and data communication needs. Expensive equipment requires reliable data transmission that is fast and uninterrupted. Irvine fiber optics can provide the highest quality communications for businesses in any sector of the economy.