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VOIP Business Phone Systems

Discover the Added Capabilities of VoIP Phone Systems

Phone systems features and flexibility were once limited by the physical size of the phone system since more powerful hardware meant added call-handling ability. Large companies pushed the communication companies to develop systems that would create the appearance of infinite business communication capacity, but expensive equipment was required to create the telecommunication capability. Since VoIP phone systems burst onto the scene, all of those convenient and cost-saving capabilities are available to businesses of every size, from the mom-and-pop shop down the street to the enormous multi-national corporation.

Expansion on Demand

A one-person business operating out of a garage can purchase an on premise low cost VoIP phone system that offers the same powerful features that were once available only from the powerful PBX boxes purchased and utilized by a large phone system installation. When time comes to expand the business or move, Irvine VoIP phone systems can support any number of new users. There are no minimum requirements for adding more users, and the maximum number is limited only by the bandwidth of the computer network. Orange County VoIP phone systems do not require additional equipment outside the data network and computers.

Seamless Location Management

Customer service can be handled in a seamless manner when people from virtually any location are able to log into California VoIP phone systems. Inbound calls can be routed in any pattern or to multiple phones concurrently to ensure that every call is answered. Multiple locations can be managed as one virtual location where calls are routed according to the defined pattern. Time-of-day routing features can create a seamless 24 by 7 day that supports the customers from many locations. Even the most mobile sales force can be reached through the various features in Irvine VoIP phone systems. Each salesperson simply updates their virtual location in their VoIP phone profile, and the calls meant for them will be routed appropriately.

Basic and Advanced Telephony Features

Businesses of every size benefit from the common phone features like call forwarding, caller ID, and conference calling. When these features are offered through a Orange County VoIP phone systems provider, there are no additional charges. Communication is improved by maximizing the features that are included in VoIP phone systems. Since all the features are available on systems from the most basic on premise low cost VoIP phone system to the most advanced California VoIP phone systems, all businesses have comparable advantages, which allows them to compete on multiple levels.